Who We Are

Planet NEXTgen Technologies (PNT) is dedicated to providing specialized technology products to large and mid-size businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success and to scale up, while effectively managing cost and improving efficiencies. At our core, we are a product development and system integration company. We also help customers find the right partner for executing/operating their products and systems.

Our self-serving portals, robust engines, best practice platforms, powerful tools and user-friendly dashboards enable to manage businesses of large volumes and sizes with much ease and confidence.


Our Vision

Create world-class user experience by building products and solutions that are 'Fit to Purpose' for our customers.

Our Mission

To provide an integrated platform that delivers seamless service and ensures greater return on investment for our clients, and a better experience for their customers.

Our Verticals:



PNT is focused specifically on providing products that help businesses maximise their potential for success. We combine technology with business experience and local presence. We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:

Strong Emphasis on Standardization.

Cost-effective Personal Interaction.

A Single Platform That Combines Products & Services.

Overall Engagement

Business Layer

Business Layer

Business Model, Value Chain, Business Ecosystem, Work Flow, Behaviour Observation etc.

Application Layer

Application Layer

Automation, Documentation, Privacy & Security, Decision Support System (DSS) etc.

Medium Layer

Medium Layer

Networking, Data Collection, Data Processing, Information Sharing, Data Mining, Analytics etc.

Device Layer

Device Layer

RFID, M2M, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Smart Devices and more.