Unit Management system (UnitXPro) is a proprietary technology solution for supporting a unit’s various functions, processes, and systems; including proactive management of contingencies.

We believe that peace of mind is a key element to making sure any organization grows in the right direction. Growth can be accelerated through the combined effort of legacy knowledge, experience, and expertise – once bundled, these can be easily decentralize from the system to the unit level. UnitXPro not only gives the organization growth, scale and profit as an outcome but more importantly one can do it with peace of mind which brings happiness with it.



Benefits of UnitXPro

Data Driven

Information with references and evidences and not based on individual perspectives or hearsay.

Prescriptive Analytics

More than just descriptive and predictive analytics. Highlights the course of action to be taken for a situation.


Preserves organization memory and knowledge. No memory loss when an individual leaves the organization.

Human Resources

Empowered and enabled human resource with reduced cost structures. Knowledge v/s Service v/s Execution.

Best Practices

Processes aligned to Best Practices standard of each industry. Enabling a 'Six Sigma' framework for DMAIC.

UnitXPro Helps You With

General Task Management

People Management

Change Management

Process Management

External Environment

Financial Management

Regulatory Compliance

Facility Related Tasks

Planning, Scheduling, Organizing - Your Unit At Your Fingertips.