Radhakrishna & Company was established in 1966 by Shri Radhakrishna Shete’ which mainly focused into Marine Catering and Ship Chandelling business. Later on the Group set up Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd. (Foodland) to launch its 1st western style supermarket in renowned suburbs of Mumbai under the brand of “Foodland”.

Foodland provides Integrated SCM Solutions (End-to-End) leveraging on all in-house expertise & has become one of the leading Indian Supply Chain Solutions Company. They work closely with their clients in multiple verticals from QSR to FMCG to Pharma and other Cold Chain clients offering 3PL services & Supply Chain Solutions.

Foodland with its vast experience and track-record, decides to self-manage its warehouse and fleet, to get better control over both its operations and people. It introduces sales support in terms of managing sales people to ensure no lost opportunity of sales and a seamless operation from factory to shelf.

The Challenge

Currently Foodland has got well-defined company goals and KRA’s for its people which is complemented by matured processes and SOP’s that has evolved with time and expertise. Their experienced team has implemented the defined SOP’s in a well-structured and robust manner.

The challenge they face presently is the daily operationalising of these processes in a simple and disciplined way across all the positions in their multiple facilities across India. In addition, it has to be easy to understand and should be designed to provide a better work-life balance for their associates. But as we know, generally the moment a good service provider tries to scale, the consistency falters or the economic model is vitiated.

The Solution

UnitXPro adopted the best practices already defined by Foodland and aligned the company goals to all the activities of each position in the organisation. There were 41 unique positions that were mapped and each activity of the position was calendarised based on the frequency of doing the tasks related to it. This gave every associate a detailed visibility of his/her tasks that the organisation expected them to do. It ensured that the execution of activities at units were as per the prescribed SOP norms. It also inculcated a disciplined way of working thereby avoiding wastage of time and resources.

Review is now based on exceptions that was tracked by analyzing daily closures of tasks by each associate and was done in real time. Using UnitXPro application, Foodland has improved the visibility of daily task completion at its units by 33% within 9 months of implementation thereby reducing the risks on the company goals

Keeping in mind the aspiration of Foodland to scale the business quickly, UnitXPro provided a perfect platform to standardize and operationalize units with reduced cost structures by providing features like e-Learning, centralized support center, tools for collaboration and continuous improvements within the UnitXPro application. UnitXPro comes with in-built content that guides unit managers in this VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity. and ambiguity) world to manage various aspects of their external environment pertaining to compliance, customers, people (both internal and external), statutory requirements, etc. to name a few.