Planet Cloud Platform

Planet Cloud Platform offers robust cloud solutions to help businesses run more effectively. We help your business build platforms that are essential to operate in today's' fast-paced digital world.

Content is created across your cloud deployments by Industry, Sector, Ecosystem, and Organizational goals and requirements.



Cloud Platform Architecture




  • Reduce SG&A by
    • Flattening the organization
    • Reducing wastage in terms of time, effort, response to events.

  • Operations become ‘Fit to Purpose’ thereby improve efficiency.
  • All activities are standardized and institutionalized, allowing to customer to grow more exponentially than linearly and also avoid loss of sales.
  • Have a framework for capturing good / best practices to ensure sustainability.
  • Differentiate against competition.
  • De-mystify and de-skill all the positions in a unit for disciplined operations.


Product Development Approach